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Counselling and Therapy

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Counselling,  psychotherapy and training

Supporting the NHS staff

In order to help NHS staff cope with the Covid 19 outbreak, any NHS staff can access counselling support via skype on a purely donations basis, until we reach capacity. Thank you for your incredible, tireless efforts in dealing with this outbreak. contact us to book an appointment.

Counselling and therapy

The Counselling and therapy service continues to run. If you need to talk to a counsellor please make contact and we will organise an initial consultation for you. We are now doing face to face, but in a large room so that appropriate distance can be maintained.

Mental health in the workplace

"Such simple solutions have made such a massive difference to our workforce" M.J

Mental Health in the workplace is often overlooked, glossed over or ignored. We offer a huge range of support packages for individuals and businesses alike. Our training schemes and therapeutic support packages are tailored to your organisation and budget. We look at your needs, staff, structure and management style then develop and implement training and support at all levels as appropriate. From mindfulness and basic stress relief, to training mental health first aiders and consulting on peer support networks. Our trainers are highly experienced professionals from the mental health field with many years of front line experience.

Counsellor CPD

Gestalt Therapist Steven Eserin is now taking bookings for the next round of training events. (socially distanced) This includes:

Counsellors CPD group: A small training group dedicated to developing technique, observation and process skills.
Dream work: learn the basis of working with clients dreams.

Religion and therapy: various training events following the release of Steven Eserins upcoming book "The existential itch". An indepth look at religion within the framework of existential psychotherapy and counselling.