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Counselling and Therapy

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Mental health support in the community

Counselling and therapy

"I only came to give up smoking, but this six weeks has changed my life" G D

Through one to one counselling, psychotherapy and group work we take a unique approach to personal development. Incorporating elements of mindfulness and gestalt therapy to explore the creative boundary between ourselves and environment, developing awareness of our interactions, to catch those moments when we act automatically, so that we have more choice over our actions and probable outcomes. see our counselling and therapy section for more details.

Mental health in the workplace

"Such simple solutions have made such a massive difference to our workforce" M.J

Mental Health in the workplace is often overlooked, glossed over or ignored. We offer a huge range of support packages for individuals and businesses alike. Our training schemes and therapeutic support packages are tailored to your organisation and budget. We look at your needs, staff, structure and management style then develop and implement training and support at all levels as appropriate. From mindfulness and basic stress relief, to training mental health first aiders and consulting on peer support networks. Our trainers are highly experienced professionals from the mental health field with many years of front line experience.

Community support

" This weekly support is our life line, you cant imagine how much it means to us.."
J and SH.

We are community focused, meeting your needs where you need them most, through our PA support program you can have 1-1 support at home, providing assistance to get out into your community. See our PA service details for more information.

We work extensively in schools, providing mental health awareness sessions, mindfulness and basic training to deal with the serious issues facing our student body. Covering aspects of welbeing such as exam stress, anxiety, body image, bullying and self harm. Please see our schools program for more details.