Join our beach front mindfulness sessions, The new mindful stone balancing course starts in May 2019, its a 12 week course, if your interested in joining us please contact us. find greater awareness through stone balancing, mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness is an important part of staying sane in an insane world, learning to see yourself clearly, your environment and your interaction with it, is a foundational skill for good mental health.

Come join our stone balancing practitioner for 1 hour a week, meditate, and find your balance through stone balancing. There is a suggested donation of £5. call us 07724 186 672 or email for more details.


Developing focus in our busy world, with all its encumbent distractions and chaos can be a challenge. This course is simple, easy to access and open to all. If you feel mindfulness mightbe useful for you, and if you enjoy being out in natural surroundings, then this is the course for you. We meet for 1 hour 30mins , plus travel time if you require transport.

Together under the guidance of our mindfulness coach you we can work together to help you find peace and balance through the art of stome balancing.



No pressure

There is no pressure to perform, there is no right or wrong, just you, and the stones.

We aim to help the pressures of the world fall away, and through mindful introspection find those disperate parts of self which keep us in chaos. Through this self discovery we will emerge with a greater understanding of ourselves, and our interactions with others. With greater awareness comes greater choice over possible futures.


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