Meditation and Mindfulness courses

We are now running regular mindfulness and meditation groups from the Natural Fitness and Therapy centre Eastbourne.

Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre
The Redoubt
Royal Parade
East Sussex
BN22 7AQ

Please contact us for more details on courses and groups available or an informal discussion.

what is mindfulness?

The term mindfulness has become more and more popular, and sadly has come to mean pretty much anything which calms or relaxes; but that is not really what mindfulness is about; Certainly the relaxation is great, and in today's society entirely necessary; But perhaps more key to future well being is learning how we got into that stressed state in the first instance. When we talk about mindfulness we are talking about developing the ability to look within, to monitor minute changes in our emotional and physiological states from moment to moment. We do use tools like meditation, but not just to learn to meditate for its own beneficial effect. Rather we learn to meditate so we can focus our attention, to make contact with ourselves and our environment. We also use other experiments to gradually become aware of how we harm ourselves and to help develop choices for new behaviour, that we might live a more vital life and in doing so, be more content.

Exploring contact

Part of this process is exploring contact. developing an awareness of how we make contact with and interact with our environment and ourselves, be that other people, our place of work, our homes etc. We train and nurture that part of us which is able to sit on our contact boundary and watch how everything effects us. By watching these changes we can see which contact is good for us and perhaps change that which is not; and its not just contact with other people either, we explore our relationship with food, possessions, our surroundings, anything which we have to contact, and in doing so we challenge our behaviour.


We know from experience that once you have developed an awareness, choice follows. It is important that we do not blindly stumble through life on auto pilot, slavishly behaving as we have always behaved, unconsciously doing what we have always done. With awareness comes choice, once you are aware you can choose a different future.

Mindfulness in the workplace

We offer training in mindfulness in the work place with a simple 6 week course in which we train all levels of your organisation to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Understand what emotional responses are
  • Where emotional responses come from
  • How to be aware of stressors and deal with them
  • Be mindful of others
  • Develop a nurturing environment

All this leads to a happier, more supportive environment in which workers will be less likely to take time off sick, less likely to experience bullying and more likely to be supportive of those around them who are experiencing difficulties.